Automated monitoring of all your data metrics

Hubble monitors your data warehouse for data quality issues and alerts you when things go wrong.

Automated data quality monitoring

Hubble analyses and understands your data to make it simple to figure out what metrics to track, so no configuration or manual threshold setting needed. 

Connect your data without writing code

Hubble connects to your data storage in minutes. No engineering, building or maintenance required.

Instant alerts when issues arise

Hubble notifies your team as soon as issues occur, with integrations for Slack and email. Respond quickly when your data changes.

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How it works

1. Connect
your data storage

Point Hubble at your chosen data storage provider. We support all major data warehouses including BigQuery, Snowflake and Rockset and are adding more every week.

2. Confirm your data quality metrics

Hubble analyses your data and suggests relevant tests and thresholds to track. You can also add your own custom metrics.

3. Start getting those Hubbles

As your data updates Hubble will continuously watch for any changes and alert your team if something goes wrong.

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