Automated monitoring of all your data metrics

Hubble monitors your data for common issues and gives you the tools to fix them when they go wrong

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Automated data quality monitoring

Hubble analyses and understands your data to make it simple to figure out what to monitor, so no manual data test writing or threshold setting needed.

Get notified immediately when issues arise

Hubble notifies your team as soon as issues occur, with integrations for Slack, Teams and email. Respond quickly when your data changes and keep everyone in the loop.

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Reconcile issues fast and build reliable data workflows

Create a JIRA ticket to review duplicate data? Trigger a new ETL process when a dataset goes stale? Hubble's action layer lets you build flexible and reliable workflows to reconcile issues fast without needing any engineering!

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How it works

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1. Connect to
your data storage

Point Hubble at your chosen data storage. We support all major data storage including BigQuery, Snowflake, Athena, Postgres, IBM Db2 and are adding more every week!

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2. Hubble learns about your data and sets up checks

Hubble starts analysing your most critical data and setups scheduled checks to ensure they're always reliable. You can also add your own custom metrics.

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3. Continuous data monitoring and data health reports

The Hubble dashboard provides a simple UI for all team members to view the current health of data in your company. Issues are easy to share and assign.

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4. Automate your data workflows to fix issues fast

You can quickly build a playbook of automated workflows to manage different data issues when they occur. Automatically create issues or trigger automated fixes when things go wrong.

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