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Write, run and share SQL in Slack

Run SQL commands directly from Slack, then share the results with your team.

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Easily run queries without worrying about credentials

Once you connect to your data, you can easily share query access with team members without

Collaborate on data questions easily with your team

Share your work and collaborate in SQL with your team by running your queries directly in Slack. Speed up debugging and easily resolve issues with your team.

Easily share reports and outputs directly with team members

Share important metrics directly where the whole team can see them. Daily metrics? Error reports? Get it all in one easy to see place. No more bottlenecks, badly formatted CSVs or random screenshots.

Save and run your most useful SQL queries for your whole team

No need to keep repeating SQL queries and digging up old scripts. Save your most useful queries so they're available for you and your whole team to use in Beacon.

Connects to your favourite databases





Dip your toe with Beacon, great for individual users in small teams
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  • 1 user as editor
  • Unlimited viewers
  • 10 saved queries




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Unlimited use of Beacon and advanced support, built for teams
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  • 10 users as editors
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Unlimited saved queries
  • Scheduled Queries
  • Query history and logs
  • Dedicated Slack support


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